Best CBSE School in Badaun, Best Senior Secondary School in Badaun


The School follows NCERT based CBSE Curriculum as per National Curriculum Frame work-2005 and plans to incorporate the latest CBSE-I curriculum.


The school admits students for 10+1 classes in Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce and Humanities as per C.B.S.E. norms

S.No. Streams Subject-1 Subject-2 Subject-3 Subject-4 Subject-5
1. Non- Medical English Core Physics Chemistry Maths Physical Edu./Hindi/Comp Sc.
1. Medical English Core Physics Chemistry Biology Physical Edu./Hindi/Comp Sc.
1. Commerce English Core Accountancy Business Studies Economics Physical Edu./Hindi/Comp Sc.
1. Humanities English Core History Political Sc. Economics Physical Edu./Hindi/Comp Sc.


The School will have classes from Pre-Nursery to XII. It will offer Science (Medical and Non-Medical) and Commerce stream in classes XI and XII. The academic year begins in early April and ends in March. English is the medium of instruction through the School. Hindi too holds a place of very high importance in the curriculums, and e very effort is made to ensure that each student acquires proficiency in both. Provision for imparting teaching of foreign languages is on the agenda since our students shall be future global citizens.


The students will be promoted to the next higher class on the basis of continuous and comprehensive e valuation (CCE). The School e valuates students through four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments in an Academic session. Besides, there are cycles of class tests in each term, the weight-age of which is taken for final assessment of marks. Promotion to the next class is granted to the students on the basis of their overall performance during the academic session. Hence, importance of regularity in attendance and work is encouraged.

• The School periodically assesses each student for his performance in all subjects.

• Evaluation for classes I - XII is based as per the CBSE guidelines.


The achievement of the students, both scholastics and non-scholastics areas will be assessed. Rote memorization and mere recalling will have no place in the system of e valuation. The school will observe following schedule of examination.

First Unit Test     (May)     First Terminal Exam    (September)

Second Unit Test     (December)    Final Exam    (March)